The Perilous Performance at Milkweed Meadow

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Butternut, the brave storytelling rabbit, is back! A merry troupe of turkeys arrives in Milkweed Meadow and engages the creatures in putting on a spectacular summer show. When she isn't cast, Butternut begins to doubt her worth as a storyteller. Meanwhile, one of the turkeys is behaving suspiciously, a red-tailed hawk has made its home in the meadow, and Butternut is trying to maintain a secret friendship… with a human. On opening night, the creatures' playhouse burns to the ground, charring the surrounding oak forest as well. Who started the fire, and why? And who stopped it from burning all of Milkweed Meadow?

Sequel to the critically acclaimed Remarkable Rescue at Milkweed Meadow, this middle-grade animal adventure about trust and forgiveness features illustrations by Caldecott Medalist Doug Salati.

Praise & Reviews

“Dimopoulos is as gifted a storyteller as her endearing hero, and she deftly folds in alliteration, theater terms, nature facts, and sparkling humor… Witty, whimsical, wise.”
—Kirkus Reviews, *starred review*

“What an utterly delightful middle grade romp. The anthropomorphic characters are completely relatable to those of us without tails or wings. Who among us hasn't felt the sting of jealousy? The temptation to fib when we feel hurt? The gloom of self-doubt? A tale about the magic of storytelling, trusting one's gut and forgiveness, suitable for all curious creatures.”
—Karol Ruth Silverstein, Schneider Family Book Award-Winning Author of Cursed

“I liked this book. In my opinion, it was more epic than The Remarkable Rescue at Milkweed Meadow… I liked that it taught to not judge a creature by what they are, but instead by what they do… I thought that it was interesting that Butternut isn’t perfect. She makes bad choices, but in the end she does the best that she can to help the creatures of Milkweed Meadow.”
—Cora, age 8, and Athena, age 10

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